Clark Air Systems Inc.

-Custom Air Handling Units
-Modular Air Handling Units
-Evaporative Cooling Units
-Sprayed Coil Units
-Cooling Coils
-Steam and Hot Water Heating Coils
-Integral Face and Bypass Coils
-Code Stamped Coils
-Fluid Coolers
-RLM Xtreme
-DEF Series
-RLM Series
-Replacement UV Lamps

Buffalo Air Handling
UV Resources
Fan Equipment Co.
-Ventilating & Process Fans
-Industrial Exhausters
-Fixed Pitch Axial Fans
-Plug Fans
-Inline Centrifugal Fans
-Special Metal Fans
Penn Barry Industrial Fans
-Ventilating & Process Fans
-Industrial Exhausters
-Fixed Pitch Tube-axial and Vane-axial Fans
-Plug & Plenum Fans
-Inline Centrifugal Fans
-Upblast & Hooded Roof Fans
-Bifurcator Exhaust Fans
-HyBlast Exhaust Fans
-Special Metals Fans
-FRP Fans, Scrubbers & Tanks

-Industrial & Commercial Silencers
-Enclosures & Panels
Metal Cladding
VAW Systems
Also including:
Industrial Pumps
Variable Frequency Drives